Power Supply

Power Supply

A reliable power supply is essential for the operation of industrial computer systems. We offer power supplies with different maximum power and different types. Besides power supplies in Open Frame, 1HE, 2HE, PS2 and as desk adapters, you can choose from a range of power supplies with redundant voltage supply . In this category you will also find power supplies with special certificates which are for example necessary for application in medical technology. 



State Datasheet Unit Price
ATX-Switch with Cable and LED/30cm Standard Login
ACE-R4130AP-RS Standard Login
32002-002201-100-RS Standard Login
63040-010060-211-RS Standard Login
32102-043000-100-RS (MOQ:100PCS) Standard Login
ACE-R4150AP1-R10 Standard Login
ACE-A630C-R10 Standard Login
ADP-65JH HBAS Standard Login
63040-010060-230-RS (MOQ:500PCS) Standard Login
SDR-480-24 Standard Login

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