Programmable automation controllers (also known as PAC) are electronic devices used in automation technology. They are used to control and monitor machines and systems. Programmable automation controllers are usually more powerful and flexible than conventional controllers because they can be adapted to the needs of the application area using special programming languages. They are widely used in manufacturing, transportation, and other industries where precise and reliable control of machinery and equipment is required. In addition, programmable automation controllers usually also offer advanced features such as data logging and analysis.


Emb.Contr./WinCE 5.0/2 USB/1xRS485/232
Embeded Controller/512k Flash/MiniOS7
Ethernet I/O chass/DCON/Daisychain/4slot
USB Remote I/O chassis/4slot/Hot Swap
Ethernet Controller/exp./ISaGRAF
On stock

I-8431 CR

Ethernet Controller/4slot/512K
Ethernet Controller/ISaGRAF/8slot
Serial Controller/4slot/C Language/512K
I/O Expansion/8 slot/Hot Swap/Ethernet

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