ECN/ECW series - universal embedded PCs

Our ECW/ECN embedded PC are popular all-rounder, which are used for various applications in industrial environments. They stand out for a fanless design, a compact construction form as well as numerous interfaces.

Fanless embedded PC
Compact dimensions
Intel® Core™ I / Celeron® / Atom™
Up to 6 COM ports
Up to 2 PCIe mini card extension slots
Versions with 12VDC and 9~36VDC deliverable
Ideally suitable for industrial automation

A universal embedded PC is capable of supporting a variety of interfaces and communication protocols, including USB, Ethernet, serial ports, and wireless connections. This flexibility allows for integration into diverse systems and communication with various devices and sensors. Due to their high reliability and durability, universal embedded PCs are a cost-effective solution for many applications that require stable and long-term computer performance. Their range of applications is almost limitless, from controlling complex machines to providing data for modern IoT applications.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


Embedded PC/Intel® LGA1151/PCIe/6x GbE
Embedded PC/Intel® Atom® x6425E/4x GbE/IGN
Embedded PC/i5-1135G7/2xGbE/Wide-DC/DC Adapter
On stock


Embedded PC/Intel® LGA1151/6x GbE
Embedded PC/Intel® LGA-1151/4x GbE
Embedded PC/Intel® Atom® x6425E/4x GbE/IGN/UPS
Embedded PC/Intel® LGA1151/PCIe/2x GbE/Slim
Embedded PC/Celeron®J6412/2xGbE/DC Adapter
Embedded PC/Atom x6425E/4x GbE/PoE/M12/EN50155/UPS
Embedded PC/Intel® LGA1151/PCIe/6x GbE/PoE

Additional information about Universal Embedded PC (ECN/ECW/ECA/MB/S)



 From high-performance Intel® Core™ I up to economical Intel® Atom™ processors

For every purpose the right processor: from high-performance Intel® Core™ I up to economical Intel® Atom™ processors.


ECW series – flexibly extendable

Flexible extension options via HDD/SSD, SATA DOM, CF and PCIe mini cards.

12VDC or 9~36VDC

12VDC or 9-36VDC

Our ECW-281B/B2 Embedded PC can either be operated with 12 VDC or 9-36 VDC.



Due to the passive cooling of our universally applicable Embedded PC no fan is needed.

temperature range

Extended temperature range

Our industrial ECW/ECN series is adapted for application in extreme temperature ranges.

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