CPU Cards

CPU Cards

The proven technology of Slot CPU cards is widely used in industrial environments. With a combination of CPU card and a suitable backplane, you achieve optimum space utilization. In addition, you can flexibly adapt the performance of your system by using different CPU cards. The flexible plug-in principle allows you to carry out maintenance work and upgrades quickly and easily. We offer slot CPU cards and the matching Backplane in the full-size designs PICMG 1.3 und PICMG 1.0 as well as in the half-size designs Half Size PICMG 1.3, PICOe (PCI + PCIe x4), PCISA and ISA. PEMUX CPU Cards are suitable for AI training systems or other computing-intensive applications due to their architecture with 56 PCIe lanes. Of course, our slot CPU cards comply with industrial standards and are designed for use in demanding environments and are also available over several years.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
SPCIE-C2260-i2-R10 Standard Login
PCIE-Q370-HDMI-R11 (MOQ:100PCS) Standard Login
SPCIE-C236-R10 Standard Login
PCIE-Q170-R10 Standard Login
SPCIE-C246-R11 Standard Login
WSB-H810-R10 Standard Login
PEMUX-XEW1-R10 Standard Login
PCIE-Q870-I2-R10 Standard Login
PCISA-BT-E38151-R10 (MOQ:100PCS) Standard Login
HPCIE-Q170-R10 Standard Login

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