Device Server

Device Server

With the help of our ORing device server we have the possibility to make serial devices Ethernet-capable. Our device server offers up to 8 serial ports, in combination with RJ45, fiber-optic or WLAN interfaces. Modi TCP server, TCP Client, UDP as well as Virtual COM are being supported. The scope of delivery includes a management tool with Virtual COM driver for common operating systems. 



State Datasheet Unit Price
IDS-311F-SS-ST New Login
IDS-311F-SS-SC New Login
IDS-322 New Login
IDS-311F-MM-SC New Login
IDS-242GT-I+ New Login
IDS-311F-MM-ST New Login
TDS-715 CR Standard Login
IDS-342+ Standard Login
IDS-312+ Standard Login
RDS-3166G Standard Login

Additional information about Device Server

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