Industrie-PC mounts are essential accessories for the secure and efficient installation of industrial PCs in various environments. They ensure optimal placement and protect sensitive hardware from external influences. Depending on the application area, different types of mounts are used. DIN-Rail mounts are primarily used in industrial automation systems and cabinets, providing a space-saving mounting option. Wall mounts are ideal for smaller workspaces or rooms where floor mounting is not feasible. Pole mounts are suitable for outdoor areas or environments where wall or cabinet mounting is not possible. Panel mounts ensure a secure and elegant integration of industrial PCs into control panels or operator panels. 19" RACK mounts are mainly used in data centers and server rooms, offering easy scalability and maintenance of systems. Stand feet for Industrial PCs provide a freestanding mounting option, allowing flexible positioning at workstations or areas without wall or ceiling mounting.


DIN-Rail Mounting Kit POC-300
DIN-Rail Mounting Kit Nuvo-6108GC
DIN-Rail Mounting Kit Nuvo-5000/7000
DIN-Rail Mounting Kit Nuvo-8108GC/XL
DIN-Rail Mounting Kit Adaptor for VESA-100
Rack-Mount Kit for DM-150GS/PPC-5150
Stand for AFL-07/VESA 75~90/max 2,5 kg
DIN-Rail Mounting Clips