We offer our industrial mainboards in the form factors ATX, Micro ATX and Mini-ITX . There are different chipsets and CPU generations to choose from, from Intel Baytrail to Intel Elkart Lake and Alder Lake. The application of mainboards in industry PC has been a common solution for several years. We provide industrial mainboards for current as well as for proven CPU generations. No matter, if you value strong performance, lots of PCIe slots or special interfaces, we have a wide range of mainboards for you to choose from.

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Motherboard ATX LGA1200/HDMI/iDP++/VGA/GbE/USB3
Thin-Mini-ITX Board/LGA1700/Q670/1xHDMI/1xDP/1xLVD
Motherboard ATX I5-10500TE/16GB/Dual-2.5GbE/USB3.2
Motherboard ATX LGA1700/1xPCI/6xPCIe/2xM.2
Motherboard ATX i9-10900TE/16GB/Dual-2.5GbE/USB3.2
Thin-Mini-ITX Board N6210/DGbE/2xM.2/8~24VDC
Thin-Mini-ITX Board X6413E/DGbE/2xM.2/8~24VDC
Motherboard Micro-ATX LGA1700/4xPCIe/2xM.2
Mini-ITX Board/Intel® Celeron® N3160/HDMI/VGA/GbE
Mini-ITX Board LGA1700/DP/HDMI/iDPM/2x2.5GBE

Additional information about Mainboards

Industrial mainboards are computer motherboards designed specifically for use in industrial applications. Unlike normal consumer mainboards, they are robust and durable and can be operated under difficult environmental conditions such as high temperatures, humidity and vibrations.

Industrial mainboards have a variety of connectors and interfaces optimized for industrial devices and components. For example, these can include serial and parallel ports, Ethernet interfaces, USB ports, and expansion slots.

These motherboards are used in a variety of industrial applications, including automated factories, surveillance systems, transportation systems and power distribution systems. They provide a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring and controlling industrial processes and equipment.

An important factor in industrial motherboards is their reliability and longevity, as they are often used in critical applications where failures can have unavoidable consequences.

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