We offer our industrial mainboards in the form factors ATX, Micro ATX and Mini-ITX. The application of mainboards in industry PC has been a common solution for several years. We provide industrial mainboards for current as well as for proven CPU generations. No matter, if you value strong performance, lots of PCIe slots or special interfaces, we have a wide range of mainboards for you to choose from.



State Datasheet Unit Price
tKINO-BW-N3-R20 Standard Login
IMB-H110-ECO-R10 (MOQ:10PCS) Standard Login
tKINO-ULT3-C-R10 Standard Login
tKINO-AL-N2-R11 Standard Login
IMBA-C2260-I2-R11 Standard Login
IMBA-C2360-i2-R10 Standard Login
KINO-QM770-R10 Standard Login
IMBA-Q670-R30 Standard Login
IMBA-BDE-D1518-R10 Standard Login
IMBA-H110-R10 Standard Login

Additional information about Mainboards

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