We offer industrial ssds in various designs, which in contrast to consumer storage media are designed for use under harsh environmental conditions and for 24/7 operation. These include classic 2,5“ SSDs, mSata SSDs, U2 SSDs and SSDs for M.2 slots. All our SSDs are available as MLC, TLC or SLC variants. In addition, we offer RO-MLC SSDs, which combine the advantages of SLC storage media with the price advantages of MLC SSDs. Our industrial SSDs are available for both standard temperature range and extended temperature range.

Additional information about SSD - Solid State Disk

Industrial SSDs (Solid State Drives) are a special type of storage device used in industrial applications. Unlike traditional hard drives, which rely on moving parts, SSDs use no moving parts and therefore offer better reliability and longer life.

Industrial SSDs are often used in applications that require high reliability and operation under harsh conditions, such as automation, transportation, medical devices and surveillance equipment. These devices often must be able to operate and withstand harsh environments, such as high temperatures, vibration, shock and impact.

Another advantage of industrial SSDs is their speed. They offer faster data transfer and access time than traditional hard drives, which is beneficial for many applications that require high performance.

Industrial SSDs also differ from consumer SSDs in their construction. They often use more rugged enclosures, are protected against shock and vibration, and have a longer lifespan. Some industrial SSDs also have features such as data encryption, error correction and operational health monitoring to ensure data security and integrity.

Industrial SSDs are suitable for applications that place high demands on reliability, speed and data security. They offer longer life, better performance, and robustness compared to traditional HDDs, making them a good choice for industrial applications.

Reliability-Optimized MLC (RO-MLC)

Cervoz Reliance Series utilizes our “Reliability Optimized-MLC (RO-MLC) Technology”.

We adopt specialized firmware to control MLC NAND flash which only uses the strong pages of MLC NAND as storage; the technology is manipulated at the block level, and with each block's capacity halved by treating it as SLC. As a result, RO-MLC improves its performance by a substantial margin:

Data retention is increased 5 times, and most importantly reliability is 10 times higher than conventional MLC NAND Flash.

RO-MLC offers higher density solutions at lower costs compared to conventional SLC NAND Flash, and at the same time optimizing its reliability and performance.


Cervoz unique technology has made our Reliance Series (RO-MLC Technology) an extremely high price-performance ratio, and the price is only double than MLC.

In return performance, data retention and reliability are more than double (SLC is typically around 4~6 times higher in price than MLC).

Our Reliance Series is a perfect solution for semi-industrial & industrial applications that require moderate to high read and write cycles while also demanding cost effective solutions.

Cervoz offers various flash modules with the RO-MLC technology, including 2.5” SATA SSD, CompactFlash Card, and CFast Card.

RO-MLC Storage

Wide Temperature


Since Cervoz is dedicated to the Industrial PC market, wide temperature products are certainly one of our key focuses. We offer all Flash & DRAM modules with the corresponding “Wide Temperature” range. Cervoz carefully selects original extended temperature IC from Toshiba (NAND Flash) and ISSI (DRAM), designs and produces our modules with the highest quality. Each product is tested and verified in burn-in chambers during the engineering verification stage ensuring absolute reliability and endurance in extended temperatures.

Cervoz wide temperature flash modules support operating temperatures from -40°C~85°C; and wide temperature DRAM modules support operating temperatures from -40°C~95°C which are capable to work perfectly within extreme environmental conditions. Our solution can operate in thermal shocks and thermal cycles, which makes the products exceptionally durable for harsh environments. In addition, our wide temperature products offer outstanding performance and low power consumption.

Cervoz specifically designs these modules to address a wide variety of rugged and industrial applications, such as Factory Automation, Transportation, Gaming, Medical, and Outdoor Signage applications.

Wide Temp Storage

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