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Industrial Computer from ICP Deutschland - official partner of IEI. CPU Boards, Panel PC, Embedded PC, Mobile computers, Networking and Automation Systems.

We mainly sell industrial computer products from IEI and Mitac, like Touch Panel PC, All-in-One PC, CPU Boards and Embedded PC. ORing (Member of IEI Group) and Milesight Industrial Networking Products and I/O Systems, Converters and Controllers from ICP DAS Co., Ltd. complete our product range. Of course we offer all components which are necessary to assemble a full working industrial computer, like Processor, Memory, HDD/SSD, Add on Cards and Displays.

Our products are suitable for long-term usage in harsh environments. Extended Temperature, humidity, dust, shock and vibration are well known requirements for our employees.

The long time availability of our products offers you planning reliability for your projects. Our stock in Germany reduces delivery times to a minimum.

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CPU Boards & CPU Cards

Industrial CPU Boards & CPU Cards

Industrial CPU Boards & CPU Cards - flexible and upgradeable

Panel PC & Displays

Panel PC & Displays for industrial use

Industrial Panel PCs and Displays - HMI in various display diagonals

Embedded PC

Embedded systems

Industrial embedded PC - as a barebone or ready-to-use system

Mobile Computing

mobile industrial computers

Industrial tablets, Car PCs and PDAs - for mobile use

Video Capture

Video Capture cards and systems

Video Capture - Frame grabber and image processing systems

Communication Products

Industrial Communication Products

Industrial network components - from sensor to cloud

Automation Technology

Automation Technology

I / O modules and controllers - for data acquisition and control


Accessory for Industrial Computers

Industrial PC Accessory - CPU, Memory, Hard Drives and SSD

Which requirements do rugged industrial computers have to meet?

Temperature-resistant industrial computer

In an industrial environment, computers are often exposed to high ambient temperatures. In outdoor areas or in vehicles such as buses and trains, the function must be ensured at fluctuating temperatures of up to -40 ° C to + 85 ° C.

Shock resistance of industrial PCs

Shocks and vibration can be dangerous for individual computer components, such as socketed processors. For this reason, permanently soldered components and processors are often used in industrial environments. RAM bars can use Anti-Vibration Fill. This significantly increases the shock resistance compared to conventional computer systems.

Waterproof industrial PCs

IP protection plays a role not only in the marine sector. There are also areas in production halls where splash protection (IP65) is required. Outside it is recommended to use fully protected (IP67) computers.

Low-maintenance IPCs

Especially in the industrial sector, emphasis is placed on low-maintenance systems. This begins with a fanless design that eliminates the need for interior cleaning, to the use of remote maintenance tools and predictive maintenance. Thus, it is possible to minimize downtime and indirectly save costs.

Industrial computer in continuous operation

To withstand 24/7 continuous operation, high-quality components such as processors, capacitors and connectors are installed in industrial PCs. The product design must also be specially tailored to this requirement. For example, special attention should be paid to cooling or avoiding waste heat.

Long-term availability

In order to be able to use computers for the longest possible time in the same design, it is necessary to set to long-term available components. ICP industrial computers are therefore available for three, five, or even fifteen years. Revision management and active lifecycle management inform customers about upcoming changes. Thus, residual quantities can be stored early.

Verified Accessories

Verified and precisely matched to the respective product accessories, the compatibility and thus the smooth operation is ensured.

What types of industrial PCs are there?

Panel PC with Touch

Panel PC and all-in-one devices are used for HMI solutions. The integrated display enables the visualization of data in production and in POS and KIOSK applications. As a rule, industrial panel PCs are equipped with a resistive or capacitive touch. Depending on the application scenario, this ensures, for example, the operation of machines with gloves.

Embedded PC

Box PCs are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Whether particularly compact, particularly robust, rugged or flexibly expandable, there are preconfigured devices for every imaginable application and performance.

Mobile industrial PCs

For mobile data collection in the field, logistics, service or hospitality, rugged mobile industrial computers such as tablet PCs, PDAs or Car PCs are increasingly being used.

Industry Server Solutions

Reliable series with server graded chipsets and corresponding performance are used in the industrial sector.

Custom Industrial PCs

Customized industrial computers are individually assembled on customer request. If required, individual interfaces are brought out or moved, the firmware adjusted or customer images loaded with special software. Bios adjustments and adjustments on board level are also possible on customer request. Before delivery, ICP's industrial computers undergo hardware and software long-term quality tests. This ensures perfect operation and reliability of the industrial PC.

Which CPU for Industrial PCs?

Depends on requirements, different CPUs are built into industrial computers. From economical Intel Atom to Celeron, Pentium, Core I to high-performance Xeon processors with Intel C422 chipset. In addition to standard processors, mobile processors with low waste heat (TDP) are also used. Typically, long-term available processor variants, such as the Intel Core i5-6300U, are used for industrial PC systems.

Long-term available CPUs are marked yellow in our Intel CPU & Chipset Matrix.

Which operating system for industrial PCs?


Many industrial computers use Windows solutions. In addition to the widespread Windows XP currently Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 IoT, or specially adapted embedded Windows versions are used.


Also current Linux and Embedded Linux software is frequently in use.


Industrial PCs with RISC processors are shipped with a license-free Android operating system. These are preconfigured „Ready-to-Use“ and the free software license can save costs.

IoT operating system for cloud-based industrial PC

The Linux based operating system QTS for Cloud-based IPC is specially designed for IoT applications. It includes numerous stand-alone tools for system integrators and software developers to realize custom IoT solutions.

Which software is useful for industrial PCs?

Security & Recovery

To secure industrial systems it is recommended to use Security & Recovery Tools . In the event of data loss, these tools can be used to reset the individual systems to their original state, sometimes fully automatically.

Monitoring Tools

With the help of monitoring tools individual components or entire systems can be monitored. They provide information about system health and can be used as a predictive maintenance solution.

Software download

In the category Software we offer free software tools for free download in addition to Premium Tools.

Where to find drivers and bios for industrial computers?

ICP Download Center

Current drivers, bios versions and patches for our products can be found in our Download Center.

Which typical applications for industrial computers are there?

Factory, Hospital, Entertainment, Transportation, Bank, Agriculture, POS

Industrial PC videos from IEI

Industrial Computer News

For up-to-date news and more information about Industrial Computers, Embedded Box PC, Panel PC, IoT, and Cloud solutions, visit our News section.
Here we present you once a week current industrial PC series, robust components, as well as accessories such as add-on cards.

Which industrial PC manufacturers are there?

In order to offer our customers the best products in each area, we have specialized in selected Industrial PC Manufacturers. These, in turn, are leaders in their respective fields. Thus we ensure that we can meet the high quality requirements of our customers.
Among others, we carry products from IEI Integration Corp, Mitac Computing Tec., Cervoz Co, Milesight IOT Co, ORing Industrial Networking Crop.

What does an industrial PC cost?

Thanks to the requirements described above, the costs for the production of industrial PCs are sometimes higher than those of a conventional computer system. This is due both to the selection of higher-quality components and to the more complex product design and certifications. Compared to production downtime or software reprogramming in case of incompatible successor products, these costs are negligible.

On the other hand, there are industrial computer models that are specially designed for cost efficiency and a low price.
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