PS/2 and AT power supplies played an important role in the past, but have largely been replaced by ATX power supplies due to technological advances. ATX power supplies offer the necessary reliability, performance and flexibility to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. With their advanced power management functions and comprehensive safety features, they contribute to the efficiency and safety of industrial systems.


Power Supply ATX/600W/PFC/ERP
PS2 Power Supply/AC/90~264V/700W/ATX/80+Bronze
Power Supply/ATX/400W/PS2/PFC/ERP/Switch
Power Supply/ATX/400W/PS2/PFC/80plus(GOLD)
Power Supply ATX/300W/PFC/ERP
PS2 Power Supply/AC/90~264V/400W/ATX/80+Bronze
PS2 Power Supply/AC/90~264V/500W/ATX/80+Platium
Power Supply/ATX/300W/PS2/PFC/80plus(GOLD)
Medical Power Supply/250W
Power Supply 24V/1.7A

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