In industrial environments where dust or moisture are commonplace, Panel PCs with high IP protection play a crucial role.

The IP protection (Ingress Protection) indicates the degree of protection against the ingress of foreign objects and moisture. In demanding industrial settings, it is essential for Panel PCs to be robust enough to withstand adverse conditions. Hence, these devices are certified according to IP protection classes such as IP65, IP66, or IP69K.

For instance, an industrial standard Panel PC with IP65 protection is dust-tight and safeguards against water jets from any angle. A higher protection rating, such as IP66 or IP69, provides additional defense against strong or high pressure water jets, making it suitable for applications in environments where cleaning processes with high-pressure cleaners are common. These features make it ideal for use in the food industry, pharmaceutical production, petrochemicals, mining, and many other demanding environments.

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Panel PC/21,5"/1080p/Cel. J6412/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/19"/SXGA/i5-1245UE/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/19"/SXGA/i5-1245UE/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/23,8"/1080p/i5-1245UE/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/15"/XGA/Cel. J6412/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/19"/SXGA/Cel. J6412/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/15"/XGA/i5-1245UE/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/21,5"/1080p/i5-1245UE/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/21,5"/1080p/Cel. J6412/IP66-IP69K/RES
Panel PC/19"/SXGA/Cel. J6412/IP66-IP69K/RES

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