We offer storage media in a wide range of variants. Whether HDD, SSD, mSATA, DOM or CF card, all our storage media are specially designed for use in industrial environments. In addition to SCL and MLC technology, we also offer individual storage media with RO-MLC technology, which offers 10 times higher reliability than MLC. All storage media are also available with extended temperature range.

Additional information about Industrial Storage

Industrial storage media are an important part of modern production processes. They enable companies to store large amounts of data and access it quickly. There are different types of industrial storage media that are used depending on the area of application.

One commonly used industrial storage medium is the solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs are a type of flash memory that offers fast access times and high transfer rates. Compared to traditional hard drives, SSDs have no moving parts, making them more robust and durable. They also require less power and generate less heat, which in turn leads to higher reliability.

. Another industrial storage medium is hard disk drives (HDDs). These have been in use for many years and still have their advantages. Compared to SSDs, HDDs are less expensive, have a higher capacity and are usually easier to repair. However, HDDs are slower than SSDs and are also more susceptible to mechanical damage due to the moving parts.

In addition to these two common types of storage media, there are other options that can be used depending on the requirements of the application. These include cloud storage, for example, or hybrid systems that combine different storage media.

Industrial storage media are used in various industries, such as production, logistics or even mechanical engineering. They enable the storage of large amounts of data, such as production data, sensor data or even image and video data. This data can then be used to analyze and optimize processes.

Overall, industrial storage media play an important role in modern industry. They enable companies to store their data securely and reliably and access it quickly. The choice of the right storage medium depends on various factors, such as the required capacity, speed or even costs.

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