Embedded PC

Embedded PC

Usually our embedded PC are conducted as barebone systems, which means they are already equipped with a CPU board, processor and memory, so that you only need minimal effort to start operation of the system. Gladly, we complete the barebone system to your specifications with mass storage (HDD, SSD, CF etc.) and operating system to a complete system ready for operating. Of course, here we can respond to special customer wishes. Extended temperature range, fanless execution and compact design, as well as vibration resistance are just a few features of our embedded PC. Various interfaces, additional extension options like PCI, PCIe and Mini PCIe slots, as well as free software tools for system recovery and remote monitoring complement the equipment. We would be happy to help composing the right embedded PC for you.

  State Datasheet Unit Price
IVS-110-AL-E2/4G-R10 Announced Login
ECN-380-QM87I-i5/4G-R11 Announced Login
TANK-871-Q170i-i7/4G-R10 Announced Login
TANK-871-Q170i-i5/4G-R10 Announced Login
IVS-110-AL-E3/4G-R10 Announced Login
ECN-380-QM87I-C/4G-R11 Announced Login
ECN-360A-ULT3-i5/WD/4G-R10 (MOQ:50PCS) New Login
ECN-360A-ULT3-CE/WD/4G-R10 (MOQ:50PCS) New Login
ECN-360A-ULT3-i5/4G-R10 New Login

Additional information about Embedded PC

You will find a wide range of embedded PC, which are adapted for requirements in industrial environments. If you value an extended temperature range, vibration dampening and dust protection, you should take a look at our fanless box PC series TANK. If compact measurements play an important role, our UIBX and IBX systems are the right choice. The DRPC series is especially suitable for DIN rail mounting. And our ECN and EWC series are universally applicable, and are consequently our most flexible embedded PC systems.

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