All-in-one PC D-Serie

With our D-Series we offer industrial all-in-one touch panel PCs for versatile applications.

15", 15,6" or 21,5" screensize
resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen
IP65 protected Front
Various Intel processor generations
Slim chassis

Our D-Series is a 15” -21.5" inch all in one panel pc system with either Intel Core-i based platform for rich performance or Intel Atom based platform for efficient fanless design. For different industrial touch applications, it is also flexible to support either resistive touch or capacitive touch solution followed by IP65 protection rating in front. All of these are aiming to provide the most stable and reliable product solution for different environmental or industrial HMI applications.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


All-in-One PC 21.5"/250cd/i3-1115G4E/PCT
All-in-One PC 21.5"/250cd/Cel. 6305E/PCT
All-in-One PC 15.6"/500cd/i3-6100U/PCT
All-in-One PC 15.6"/500cd/i3-7100U/PCT
All-in-One PC 21.5"/250cd/i5-6300U/PCT
All-in-One PC 21.5"/250cd/i7-1185G7E/PCT
Ready-to-Use All-in-One PC
All-in-One PC 15.6"/500cd/Cel. 6305E/PCT
All-in-One PC 15.6"/500cd/i7-1185G7E/PCT
All-in-One PC 15.6"/500cd/i5-6300U/PCT

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