All-in-One PCs are widely used in industrial as well as POS applications as compact and efficient computer solutions. In environments where space is limited and a tidy configuration is essential, All-in-One PCs provide an integrated solution. All essential components, including display, processor, memory, graphics unit, and interfaces for industrial controls, are housed in a single unit.

These industrial All-in-One PCs are particularly advantageous for production environments, control rooms, or automation processes. They enable efficient data acquisition, processing, and control while saving space and creating a streamlined work environment. Additionally, industrial All-in-One PCs find application in POS applications or are utilized as Digital Signage solutions.


Medical All-in-One PC/24"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/EN60601
Medical All-in-One PC/15,6"/WXGA/IP65-IPx1/Isol.IO
Medical All-in-One PC/22"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/EN60601
All-in-One PC 12.1"/XGA/i7-1260P/8GB/PCAP
Medical All-in-One PC/22"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/EN60601
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/350cd/i7-8665UE/PCT/FHD
Medical All-in-One PC/24"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/Isol.IO
All-in-One PC 10.1"/WXGA/i7-1260P/8GB/PCAP
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/350cd/i5-8365UE/PCT/FHD

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