The combination of a CPU card and a backplane is more or less equivalent with a mainboard. The main advantages of the application of a backplane solution are the many different designs as well as the wide range of slots. Our backplanes are perfectly adapted for our CPU cards and fit the designs PICMG 1.3 and PICMG 1.0 as well as our half size designs PICMG 1.3 Half Size, PICOe (PCI + PCIe x4), PCISA and ISA. You have the choice between models with minimum 3 and up to 20 slots.

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PICMG1.3 Backplane 4PCI/4X1/1X16
Butterfly Backpl. PICMG1.3 2PCI/1X4/1X16
PICMG 1.3 HS Backplane 1CPU/4PCI/2PCIex16
Busplatine PICOe, 1xCPU, 1x PCI,1xPCIex1
Busplatine PICMG1.3, PCIe 1x16(x8)/3x4

Additional information about Backplanes

Backplanes are circuits that serve as an interface between different components in computer systems. They provide a kind of frame or basic framework to which various modules or cards can be connected. These cards can be, for example, data processing components, network cards, memory modules or graphics cards.

Backplanes are found in a variety of computer systems, including industrial control systems, data centers, and embedded systems. They allow system components to be easily replaced or upgraded without having to replace the entire system.

There are several types of backplanes, such as parallel, serial, and mezzanine backplanes. Parallel backplanes use a direct connection between components to transfer data, while serial backplanes use a serial transmission technique to transfer data.

Overall, backplanes make computer systems easier to build and maintain, and help improve efficiency and reliability.

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