Power adapters, also known as AC/DC adapters, convert AC voltage from the socket into DC voltage. They typically consist of a housing for the electronic components, a plug for connection to the socket and a plug or cable for connection to the device to be powered. There are different types and sizes of power supply units with different performance data and efficiency values.


Power Adapter 60W/12VDC/2P/1200mm
Power Adapter/AC-DC/12VDC/60W/2P/lock
Power Adapter/AC-DC/24V/600W/for NUVO-10208
Power Adapter/AC-DC/12VDC/60W/Bare wire
Power Adapter/AC-DC/19V/65W/2P
Power Adapter/AC-DC/24V/480W
Power Adapter/AC-DC/12VDC/65W/2P/lock/medical
Power Adapter/AC-DC/24V/120W/3P-Terminal
Power Adapter/AC-DC/5V/20W/2P-Plug/Lock
Power Adapter/AC-DC/12VDC/96W/2P-Plug/lock

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