SBOX Marine certified embedded PC

The fanless embedded PC of the SBOX series are certified for marine application.

Fanless embedded systems for marine application
Equipped with Intel® Core™ I processors
Three independent display outputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA
Two 2.5“ SSD drives with RAID 0/1 function
Four isolated RS-232/422/485 und two isolated
    CAN-bus 2.0B interfaces
Isolated voltage input 9~36V DC
IEC 60945, DNV 2.4 certification

Embedded PCs for marine applications are specifically designed for use in harsh and demanding maritime environments. They are rugged and resistant to moisture, salt water, and other environmental factors that may be encountered in marine applications.

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Fanless Marine Compute/2.7GHz/4GB/18~36VDC
Cloud-based IPC with QTS Gateway OS

Additional information about Marine Embedded PC (SBOX)

The technology used in embedded PCs for marine applications typically includes powerful processors, RAM and storage that provide reliable performance and fast processing. These computers also have a variety of I/O interfaces, including serial ports, Ethernet ports, USB ports and VGA interfaces, to allow for easy integration into marine systems.

Embedded PCs for marine applications are often equipped with a variety of protective features to protect them from environmental factors. These include waterproof and dustproof enclosures, corrosion protection, and ruggedized construction to offset shock and vibration.

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