An industrial hub is characterized by its ability to connect multiple industrial devices and enable reliable data communication in demanding environments. In contrast to standard hubs, industrial hubs are more rugged and resistant to extreme temperatures, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference to meet the requirements of industrial applications. Additionally, they offer advanced features such as overvoltage protection, isolation, and partial hot-swapping to ensure smooth operation and the safety of connected devices. ICP provides hubs for various interfaces, such as industrial USB hubs and RS-485 hubs.


Industrial USB Hub/7xUSB2.0/Isol.
Industrial USB Hub/7xUSB2.0/Lockable
Industrial USB Hub/4xUSB2.0/Lockable
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Industrial USB Hub/4xUSB 2.0
Industrial RS-485 Hub/RS-485 to 3xRS-485/ST
Industrial USB Hub/7xUSB2.0/Isol./Lockable

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