Open frame power supplies are mounted in an open frame without an enclosed casing. This design allows for efficient cooling and easy integration into electronic devices and systems. Open frame power supplies are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for applications with limited space and weight constraints.


DC-DC Module 150W 16-28Vin/380W 12Vin/12VDCout
Mini-PCIe Card/Custom Size/PoE-IEEE802.3-af/at/bt
DC-DC Module 150W 12-28Vin/12/19/24VDCout
DC-DC Module 60W 9-36Vin/12VDCout
Power Supply AT/90W/PFC/for 1U
60W DC/DC 9~36V input 12V output power kit
Power Supply AT/45W/medical
Power Supply AT/70W/PFC/no cable
DC-DC Module 100W 24Vin/12Vout
Power Supply AT/150W/PFC

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