Industrial PC

Industrial PC

We mainly sell industrial computer products from IEI, like Touch Panel PC, All-in-One PC, CPU Boards and Embedded PC. ORing (Member of IEI Group) Industrial Networking Products and I/O Systems, Converters and Controllers from ICP DAS Co., Ltd. complete our product range. Of course we offer all components which are necessary to assemble a full working industrial computer, like Processor, Memory, HDD/SSD, Add on Cards and Displays.

Our products are suitable for long-term usage in harsh environments. Extended Temperature, humidity, dust, shock and vibration are well known requirements for our employees.

The long time availability of our products offers you planning reliability for your projects. Our stock in Germany reduces delivery times to a minimum.



State Datasheet Unit Price
WAFER-ULT5-i7-R10 Announced Login
DRPC-330-A7K-A1/4G-R10 Announced Login
DRPC-230-ULT5-i5/4G-R10 Announced Login
ITG-100AI-E1/8GB/S-R10 Announced Login
WAFER-ULT5-i5-R10 Announced Login
S310-11KS-3965U-TB New Login
P150-11KS-7100U New Login
P150-10AI-N3350 New Login
NANO-AL-E2W2-R10 (MOQ:100PCS) New Login
UG87-L00E-W-G-P-CH16-DC New Login

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