Embedded Boards

Embedded Boards

Embedded CPU boards are a compact alternative to the bigger mainboards. Our product range includes the form factors 5.25 inches, EPIC, 3.5 inches, PC/104 and Pico ITX. In comparison to mainboards, embedded boards focus on a compact design and a low power consumption to reduce heat development on the board and to enable fanless operation. Our industrial embedded boards have a large choice of chipsets: from the latest embedded chipsets up to proven technologies.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
WAFER-BT-J19001-ECO-R20 (MOQ:10PCS) New Login
WAFER-BW-N3-R20 New Login
PD11KS-7600U-HSK New Login
NANO-ULT5-i7-R10 New Login
NANO-ULT5-C-R10 New Login
PD11KS-7300U-HSK New Login
PD10AS-E3930-WT New Login
NANO-ULT5-i3-R10 New Login
PD10RI-N3160 New Login
PD11KS-3955U-HSK New Login

Additional information about Embedded Boards

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