DIN rail power supply units are designed so that they can be easily and quickly mounted on a DIN rail, also known as a top-hat rail. This mounting method is particularly space-saving and enables the electrical components to be arranged clearly and neatly in a control cabinet. DIN rail power supply units often have a compact and modular design so that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.


DIN Power Supply/AC/90-264V/480W/24V
DIN Power Supply/AC/88-264V/240W/48V
DIN Power Supply/AC/88-264V/240W/24V
DIN Power Supply/AC/90-264V/76.8W/48V
DIN Power Supply/AC/90-264V/480W/48V
DIN Power Supply/AC/90-264V/76.8W/24V
DIN Power Supply/AC/90-264V/240W/48V
DIN Power Supply/AC/88-264V/120W/24V
DIN Power Supply/AC/85-264V/60W/48V

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