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Our Ready-to-Use systems are so called "Plug-and-Play" industrial PC that are equipped with all required components such as CPU board, cards, processor, memory, storage (SDD, HDD, CF), interfaces and operating system in order to operate them instantly. These include panel PC, embedded PC and 19" rack PC. Besides the standard models we offer you the possibility to design an individual Ready-to-Use system based on your specifications in order to address particular customer requests such as an extended temperature range, fanless and compact design, resistance to vibration, additional interfaces, performance requirements, remote control or expansion possibilities via PCI, PCIe and Mini PCIe slots.

Ready-to-Use Systems To our  Ready-to-Use Systems

Preconfigured standards Preconfigured standards

According to our long-term experience, we have developed preconfigured standards for our Ready-to-Use systems. This has the advantage for you that these standard systems are proven in different industries because they have been applied multiple times and hundredfold tested.

Individually adaptable Individually adaptable

Alongside with our preconfigured standards we offer you the possibility to adapt the Ready-to-Use systems individually. This includes mechanical adaptations such as leading out or relocating I/O interfaces as well as adaptations of the firmware. Customized settings with regard to the boot routine (sequence, displaying company logo, etc.), the performance spectrum or the power saving function can be carried out. The installation of customized images or operating systems on a specific hard drive can also be realized.

Professional assembly Professional assembly

The single components of the Ready-to-Use systems for instance RAM, CPU, memory and power adapter are assembled and wired by our technical staff. Customer specific mechanical adaptations are also carried out on site.

No incompatibilities No incompatibilities

Our technical sales team supports you to choose the right components for the Ready-to-use System in order to prevent any kind of incompatibilities. Long-term experience in dealing with these components and detailed product knowledge guarantee the right compilation. Moreover, current compatibility lists of CPU, RAM and SSD are available that you can use as reference. Your requests are always tested for plausibility. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact our technical sales team.

Quality and inhouse long-term tests Quality and inhouse long-term tests

As all other product groups quality has also priority for the Ready-to-Use systems. That's why the given criteria for choosing the components are long-term availability, robustness, durability, and reliable as well as latest standards in order to properly address the requirements of the industrial field. Prior to shipment the completely assembled Ready-to-Use systems are both hardware and software based tested due to the dual-control principle. Comprehensive long-term tests from up to 24 hours ensure that failures and sources of errors in the actual operation are identified early on and solved up front.

Test position possible Test position possible

Application specific test positions can easily be realized due to a huge variety and quantity of stored components. This enables you to test your prospective product in the real environment up front. This helps to support your project development proactively in order to prevent complications in the final phase. Due to a direct exchange we're are consequently working towards an ideal solution.

Fast delivery Fast delivery

Defined minimum stock level of the components for the pre-configured Ready-to-Use systems and assembly on site enable us to assembly and deliver within a short period of time.

Quick replacement Quick replacement

In case of any defects the Ready-to-Use systems will be hardware and software based tested here in Germany by our technical staff. If possible the Ready-to-Use systems are instantly repaired or respective adaptations implemented. If a range of components are affected, however, you will be offered a prior hardware replacement in order to avoid longer waiting times on your part.