Our medical display series, like our medical panel PCs, has medical approval and is available in 24 and 21 inch versions. Hygiene compliance is ensured by an antibacterial housing. The displays offer accurate DICOM/Gamma calibration for best image quality. Our MPOCm mobile medical display series has three batteries (hot-swappable) and can therefore be operated as a mobile unit without relying on an external power supply.



21.5" Panel Monitor/250cd/VGA/DVI/HDMI
21.5" Panel Monitor/250cd/VGA/DVI/PCT
21,5" LCD Monitor/250cd/VGA/DVI
Medical Monitor 23.8"/250cd/PCT/FHD
21.5" Panel Monitor/250cd/VGA/DVI/HDMI/PCT
21.5" Panel Monitor/250cd/VGA/DVI/Analog-in

Additional information about Medical Displays

Medical monitors are specialized monitors designed for use in medical environments. They are usually very precise and provide high image quality to enable accurate medical diagnosis and monitoring.

The technology used in medical monitors usually includes LCD or LED screens with high resolution and color fidelity. These screens provide high brightness and high contrast to ensure clear image quality even in difficult lighting conditions.

Medical monitors must comply with certain medical standards to ensure they are suitable for use in medical imaging. This includes, for example, DICOM compliance, which ensures uniform color representation and brightness for medical images.

Overall, medical monitors are an important part of medical imaging and monitoring. Their high image quality and medical standards ensure accurate diagnosis and monitoring, which is critical for patient care.

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