Redundant power supplies are designed to operate in a parallel configuration to ensure a continuous power supply. If one power supply fails, the redundant power supply seamlessly takes over, preventing any interruption in operation.


Power Supply/ATX/500W/PS2/PFC/Redund./80plus(GOLD)
Power Supply/ATX/300W/PS2/Redundant
Power Supply/ATX/500W/PS2/PFC/Redundant
Mini-Redundant Power Supply/DC/24V/360W/ATX
Power Supply ATX/2x300W Redundant
Power Supply ATX/2x300W Redundant
Power Supply Redundant 2x 400 Watt
Replacement Module for ACE-R4150AP
Power Adaptor, AC/24VDC/150W/DINRAIL
Replacement Module for ACE-R4130AP

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