We offer industrial media converter from ORIng and Sealevel. Whether it is from serial to serial, from USB to serial or from fiber-optic to Ethernet, all converters are placed in a robust metal case with redundant power supply. All of our media converters are equipped with the LFP technology (link fault pass-through) which is able to pass on connection errors to the end of the chain to alert the server about a defect. 


USB to RS-232/422/485/Windows 8
Converter/USB to 8xRS-232/422/485/DB9
Converter/USB to 8xRS-232/422/485/DB9/SW Config.
Converter/USB to 2xRS-232/422/485/DB9/SW Config.
Conver./RS-232 to RS-422/485/isol./Prot.
Converter/USB to 8xRS-232/485/RJ45/Termination
Media Converter 2x100TX to 1x100FX SM
CAN-Bus nach RS-232/422/485 Konverter
Converter/RS-485 to RS-232/1 Ch./LED

Additional information about Media Converters

Industrial Media Converter

ORing offers Serial to Serial, USB to Serial, Fiber to Ethernet, and Gigabit Fiber to Ethernet media converters. Also, ORing's serial converters allow devices to communicate effortlessly across different serial interfaces and offer convenient, intelligent features.

Key Technologies

LFP (Link Fault Pass-Through)

Technology Description:

Link Fault Pass-Through is the technology that actively “passes” any link failure of one side of the media converter to the other side, enabling subsequent devices connected to the other side to respond properly. Traditional media converters usually suffer from inability to transfer link failure from one side to another. In other words, when link failure occurs on one side, the other side is still transmitting packets without actual data, causing subsequent devices of the link to wait for a response that will never arrive.

Link Fault Pass-Through effectively solves such problem of media converters by actively relaying link failures from one side to another. For example, if the links on the Ethernet side of the media converter fails, the media converter reinitiates auto-negotiation on the Ethernet side but stays in the link failure state. Additionally, the converter actively stop transmitting on links of the optical fiber side so subsequent devices connected to the optical fiber link would respond to network failure properly. With Link Fault Pass-Through technology, link failure would be noticed swiftly, minimizing data loss caused by such failure.

Supporting Product(s): ORing's IMC-111 series and RMC-111 series support this feature.

Hot Plug

Technology Description:

ORing RMC-1000 media converter chassis features the revolutionary rack-mount design for hosting up to 18 card-type ORing media converters. For user convenience, RMC-1000 is equipped with Hot Plug technology. This technology enables the user to install or remove a media converter card for each slot without having to power off RMC-1000.

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