1U power supplies have a height of only 1.75 inches or about 44.45 mm and are particularly compact. They are often used in servers and other devices where rack space is limited and efficiency is required. 2U power supplies are twice as high as 1U power supplies, i.e. 3.5 inches or about 88.9 mm. These power supplies are used in environments where higher performance is required and more rack space is available. Both formats, whether 1U or 2U, are designed for efficiency, reliability and space saving.


1U Power Supply/AC/90~264V/220W/ATX
1U Power Supply/AC/90~264VAC/500W/80+Gold
1U Power Supply/DC/24V/250W/ATX
1U Power Supply/AC/90~264V/300W/ATX
1U Power Supply/AC/90~264V/180W/ATX
1U Power Supply/AC/90~264V/150W/ATX
Power Supply ATX/180W/1U flex/PFC
1U Power Supply/AC/90~264V/300W/ATX
Power Supply ATX/150W/1U flex/PFC

Additional information about 1U/2U