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  • Mustang-V100- Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU Accelerator card

    Deep learning inference at the edge.

    The realization of deep learning inference (DL) at the edge requires a flexibly scalable solution that is power efficient and has low latency. At the edge mainly compact and passive cooled systems are used that make quick decisions without uploading data to the cloud.

    The new Mustang-V100 AI accelerator card from ICP Deutschland supports developers by integrating AI training models successfully at the edge. Eight Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X MA2485 Vision Processing Units (VPUs) are integrated on a PCIe based expansion card. Due to its low power consumption of 2.5W per VPU, it is suitable for particularly demanding low-power KI applications at the edge. Each individual VPU can be assigned a different DL topology. The reason for this is the multi-channel execution capability of the VPUs, which enables the simultaneous execution of calculations. This allows different applications such as object recognition or image and video classification to be executed...

  • TANK-870AI–AIoT Developer Kit

    DevKit for inference at the edge

    Deep Learning consists of the sub-areas training and inference. In the training phase, a training model is developed, tested and refined to the desired accuracy using a comprehensive dataset of images and videos. While in the inference phase a rapid and reliable deployment of the training model in the target environment is the focus.

    For this purpose, compact edge hardware is recommended that features high-performance, flexible expansions and pre-installed ready-to-use software tools. The new inference system TANK-870AI from ICP Deutschland offers software developers such a platform, namely AIoT Developer Kit. The hardware itself is based on a 6th / 7th generation Intel® Core i5 / i7 or Xeon® E3 CPU with maximum 32GB pre-installed RAM and 1TB SSD mass storage. In addition to numerous common interfaces, two PCIe x8 slots are available to extend functionality and boost the system via FPGA and VPU based AI accelerators. On the software side, the TANK-870AI...

  • ITG-100-AL – Ultra-compact Apollo Lake Embedded PC

    Flexible data acquisition through vertical modularity.

    The interaction of sensors, actuators and controls forms the foundation for smart automation in factory environments such as robotics. In order to be able to acquire sensor and machine data flexibly, it is necessary to combine interface diversity and performance in confined space.

    ICP Deutschland has achieved this with the new ultra-compact ITG-100-AL Embedded PC through vertical modularity. Equipped with Intel® Atom™ x5-E3930 Apollo Lake SoC and 2GB pre-installed DDR3L memory, the palm-sized embedded PC has the following interfaces as standard: Two LAN GbE, one VGA, two RS-232/422/485 and two USB 3.0 interfaces. A second modular...

  • HYPER-RK39 - PICO-ITX Embedded Board with Rockchip 3399 SoC

    Save energy and retrieve performance with RISC.

    The demand for compact, energy-saving embedded boards that are highly efficient on the same time continues unabated. One reason for this is the wide range of applications, from digital signage and POS to KIOSK applications in the retail sector, which require precisely these seemingly contradictory characteristics. ICP Deutschland is expanding its existing PICO-ITX series with the new compact embedded board HYPER-RK39. Primary characteristic is the RISC based SoC Rockchip 3399 consisting...

  • Change with advantages - Industrial PCs of the 8th generation

    Five years have passed since the market launch of the 4th generation of Intel® CoreTM i CPUs.

    A large number of industrial PCs are still equipped with this technology today. Industrial and embedded PCs with the 8th generation, on the other hand, are only gradually starting off.

    ICP Deutschland's product portfolio already offers a whole series of industrial PCs with Coffee Lake CPUs. They range from Mini-ITX and ATX motherboards via a PICMG 1.3 CPU card to a modular embedded PC that can be used “headless” or combined with a display kit as a panel PC. What all these products have in common is a multi-core architecture of up to six cores with high performance. This is clearly demonstrated by PassMark's various benchmark performance tests. Compared to the i7-4770T CPU, the i7-8700T CPU achieves a 45% performance increase with a 28% reduction in waste heat or in other words a 10W...

  • Closing days over Christmas and New Year

    Our office is closed over Christmas from 24.12.2018 until the New Year 2019. From 2 January 2019 on we’ll be around for your service.


    Order and delivery information

    To ensure that your last orders this year find their way to you in time, we would like to draw your attention to important dates and possible delivery restrictions:

    ● Goods on stock can be ordered until 20. December, 2018 and shipped on the same day.
    ● Orders received after 21. December, 2018 will be processed and delivered from calendar week 2 in 2019 onwards.
    ● From 07. January, 2019 you will receive deliveries as usual.

  • FLEX-BX200 - Compact embedded PC with extensions

    Modular „headless“ Embedded PC.

    The new "headless" embedded PC from ICP Deutschland FLEX-BX200 impresses primarily with its modular and compact design and many expansion options. The FLEX-BX200 is modular as far as the flexible configuration levels of the "heart" - namely the CPU - are concerned. Depending on the power requirement, Intel® CPUs of the eighth generation Coffee Lake range from CoreTM i9/i7/i5/i3 to Pentium® and can use up to 64GB DDR4 DIMM RAM.

    In addition, the 2U embedded PC offers three modular mounting...

  • PCIE-Q370 – PIGMG 1.3 Coffee Lake CPU Card

    High performance slot-CPU card.

    Anyone who appreciates the design flexibility and combination variety of the PIGMG 1.3 standard backplane will love the high-performance PCIE-Q370 slot CPU card from ICP Deutschland all the more. Designed for the eighth generation Intel® Coffee Lake CPUs, the PCIE-Q370 can be equipped with a CoreTM i9/i7/i5/i3, Pentium® or Celeron® CPU and max. 64GB DDR4 SDRAM memory. The integrated Intel® HD Graphics Gen 9 engine has 16 low-power execution units supporting DX2015, OpenGL 5.X, and OpenCL2.x. An M.2 M key interface for PCIe x4 based NVMe SSDs is available for extended mass storage. Six SATA ports with RAID 0/1/5/10 functionality...

  • Modular Panel PC with Coffee Lake CPU

    Combine as desired.

    One major characteristic for the new Panel PC FLEX series from ICP Deutschland is the two-part modular design. The combination of high-performance embedded PC FLEX-BX200 and variable LCD kit FLEX-PLKIT offers up to 48 different possibilities. The capacitive multi-touch is anti-reflective and available as a prefabricated LCD kit in sizes of 15" to 23.8" with resolutions ranging from XGA to Full-HD. The embedded PC is equipped with the latest Intel® Coffee Lake Core i7/i5/i3 or Pentium® CPU and offers users sufficient performance for the processing of complex and computation-intensive processes. The cabling is enabled by means of LVDS, inverter and touch cables. In addition, the FLEX-BX200 can be equipped with up to 64GB of RAM. Four externally accessible 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s drive bays are available for mass storage expansion. The RAID 0/1/5/10 functionality offers additional security, also thanks to the hot-swappable hard discs. In addition, two M.2 slots with NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 signal provide space for additional SSDs. Two PCIe 3.0 x8 and two PCIe x4 slots each allow the FLEX to be functionally expanded at will. These slots can take suitable GPOE expansion cards for the direct connection

  • HYPER-AL – Compact embedded board with Apollo Lake SoC

    Hyper, Hyper.

    A sophisticated cooling concept can help to prevent unwanted heat accumulation during the development of compact embedded systems or HMI units for installation in the machine.

    ICP Deutschland offers developers a suitable solution with the compact PICO-ITX Embedded Board HYPER-AL, which features an extended temperature range of -20°C ~ +60°C, a low power dissipation of max. 6W TDP as well as a combined cooling and mounting plate. The latter allows easy mounting of the embedded board at the machine, whereby the waste heat is dissipated directly via the adjacent chassis.

    The heart of the 100x72mm "small" CPU board is a powerful Intel®...

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