Our industrial car PCs (In-Vehicle PC) are particularly designed for application in vehicles. They have an OBD (On Board Diagnostic) interface (CAN bus). As standard, an integrated GPS receiver is built in. The high brightness of the installed displays ensures that information is well-readable even with strong or unfavorable incidence of light. FCC and e-MARK certificates are existent. Our car PCs are equipped with the operating systems Windows® CE, Embedded or Android. 


Vehicle PC/Intel®LGA1700/1x 2,5GbE/8xRJ45
Vehicle PC/Intel®LGA1700/1x 2,5GbE/4xM12
Vehicle PC/Intel® LGA1700/CAN/DIO/M12/PoE+
Vehicle PC/Intel®LGA1700/1x 2,5GbE/4xRJ45
31,5" Car-PC x5-E3930 1.3GHz/9V~36VDC
7.0" Car-PC Atom 1,46GHz/2GB/SD Slot
Vehicle PC/AMD Ryzen™ V1605B/CAN/DIO/4xGbE/PoE+
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TPPC 2701

27" Car-PC x5-E3930 1.3GHz/9V~36VDC
23.8" Car-PC x5-E3930 1.3GHz/9V~36VDC

Additional information about Car PC (IRS/IKAR/AFOKAR)