M.2 2230/2242 3x2 NVME SSD Titan series

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M.2 2230/2242 3x2 NVME SSD Titan series

3x2 NVME series in 2230/2242 format

Two new 3x2 NVME series in the M.2 2230/2242 form factor expand the range of storage media at ICP Germany. The two T425 variants differ mainly in the keyings.

One series is equipped with A+E key and offers a maximum read speed of up to 815 MB/s and a write speed of 760 MB/s. The second series is equipped with B+M key. The second series with B+M key has a read speed of up to 1035 MB/s and a write speed of 940 MB/s.

Both series are available with 64GB, 128GB, 512GB or 1TB and can be used on an M.2 2230/2242 slot of PCI Express version 3 with 2 lanes. They also offer an MTBF of 3,000,000 hours and, depending on size, achieve a Terra Byte Written number of 875. Further features such as end-to-end data protection, SLC write buffer technology, protection against overheating through throttling, boot disk capability as well as static and dynamic wear level procedures and bad block management are implemented for use in industrial environments.

Both series can be used in the industrial version at 0 °C to 70 °C or in the automotive version at -40 °C to +85 °C. The maximum power consumption is 2500 mW in active mode and 330 mW in idle mode. Protective coatings and anti-vibration fill are optionally available.


  • ● PCIE Experss 3x2 NVME interface
  • ● M.2 2230/2242 form factor with A+E or B+M key
  • ● NVMe 1.3/ PCI Express Base 3.1 support
  • ● 3D TLC Flash memory
  • ● 64GB/ 128GB/ 512GB
  • ● End-to-end data protection
  • ● SLC write buffer technology
  • ● Protection against overheating
  • ● Boot disk capability
  • ● Static and dynamic wear protection
  • ● Bad block management


  • ● Industrial PC
  • ● Embedded System
  • ● Box PC
  • ● Panel PC