PICMG 1.3 Half Size (HPXE2)

PICMG 1.3 Half Size (HPXE2)

The PICMG 1.3 standard represents an advancement of the PICMG 1.0 Standard. Contrary to the PICMG 1.0 standard with ISA and PCI Bus, PICMG 1.3 CPU cards offer a PCI and PCI express interface from board to backplane. Hence, there is a higher range and a higher data transmission speed available. The PICMG 1.3 standard is available as full-size and half-size format.

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CPU Cards

CPU Cards for industrial Computer


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
HPXE2-8S1-R10 (BTO) Standard Login
HPXE2-6S1-R10 (BTO) Standard Login
HPXE2-5S1-R10 (BTO) Standard Login
HPXE2-7S1-R10 (BTO) Standard Login

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