The PICMG 1.3 standard represents an advancement of the PICMG 1.0 Standard. Contrary to the PICMG 1.0 standard with ISA and PCI Bus, PICMG 1.3 CPU cards offer a PCI and PCI express interface from board to backplane. Hence, there is a higher range and a higher data transmission speed available. The PICMG 1.3 standard is available as full-size and half-size format.

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Add-on Cards for industrial PC


PICMG 1.3 HS Backplane 1CPU/4PCI/2PCIex16
PICMG 1.3 HS Backplane 1CPU/2PCI/1PCIex16
PICMG 1.3 HS Backplane 1CPU/3PCI/1PCIex16
PICMG 1.3 HS Backplane 1CPU/3PCI/2PCIex16

Additional information about PICMG 1.3 Half Size (HPXE2)