Ready-to-Use Embedded System by ICP
Embedded PC/VIA ULV 1GHz/fanless/1GB
Embedded PC/Cel. N3160/1.6GHz/2GB
Embedded PC/Cel. J3455E/1.5GHz/mPCIe/M.2/SIM/AI
Embedded PC/Cel. N2930/1,83GHz/2GB
Embedded PC/Atom 1.6GHz/fanless/1GB
Embedded PC/Intel® Atom™ E3845/2x GbE/2x COM
Embedded PC/Atom N2600 1,6GHz/2GB/WLAN
Embedded PC/AMD R260 2.1GHz/4GB/4xHDMI
Embedded PC/Cel. N3350E/1.1GHz/4GB/mPCIe/M.2/SIM

Additional information about Ultra Compact Embedded PC (UIBX/ITG/IDS)


Ultra compact

Ultra compact, industrial Embedded PC

Our industrial UIBX Embedded PC are suitable for application under confined space conditions.


High-performance processors

Intel® Celeron® or Atom™ processors offer sufficient power.

DIV. interfaces

Diverse interfaces for the industrial field

Despite small dimensions our compact systems offer various interfaces like RS-232/422/485, USB 3.0, Dual GbE



Our compact Embedded PC are accommodated in passively cooled, fanless casings.

temperature range

Extended temperature range

Our UIBX series is adapted for application in extreme temperature ranges.

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