Medical All-in-One PCs are specifically designed for use in medical environments. Medical All-in-One PCs are used in patient rooms, in Medical Carts, as well as in operating rooms. Additionally, Medical All-in-One PCs, through the application of AI, can support medical personnel in their decision-making process. They integrate a variety of features and components to meet the specific requirements of healthcare facilities. With their robust construction, they withstand the demanding needs of hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare institutions. The cases of Medical All-in-One PCs are typically antibacterial, easy to clean, and disinfect to ensure compliance with hygiene standards.

Thanks to high-resolution touchscreens, Medical All-in-One PCs provide intuitive operation for the use of medical applications, imaging systems, and electronic health records. The touchscreen functionality also facilitates interaction with the PC, even when medical personnel wears gloves.

Additionally, Medical All-in-One PCs are usually EN60601 certified, allowing the integration of various medical devices and thus facilitating collaboration between different departments in healthcare.

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Medical All-in-One PC/15,6"/WXGA/IP65-IPx1/Isol.IO
Medical All-in-One PC/24"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/EN60601
Medical All-in-One PC/22"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/EN60601
Medical All-in-One PC/22"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/EN60601
Medical All-in-One PC/24"/1080p/IP65-IPx1/Isol.IO
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/350cd/i7-8665UE/PCT/FHD
Medical Panel PC 23.8"/350cd/i5-1340PE/PCT/1080i
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/350cd/i5-8365UE/PCT/FHD

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