Medical OP Panel PCs are specifically designed for use in operating rooms and other medical environments. They provide a reliable and secure platform for controlling medical devices, displaying patient data, and performing important functions during surgical procedures.

These panel PCs meet the stringent requirements and standards of healthcare, including antimicrobial surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfection, as well as robust enclosures that withstand the demands of the clinical environment. They are equipped with high-resolution touchscreens that allow for intuitive operation, even when medical personnel are wearing sterile gloves.

Features of a medical OP Panel PC include the integration of imaging data such as X-ray or ultrasound images, real-time monitoring of vital patient parameters, and support for navigation during minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, they can be seamlessly integrated into the hospital information system (HIS) or electronic medical record (EMR) system to ensure quick and secure access to patient data.

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Medical Panel PC 23.8"/350cd/i5-1340PE/PCT/1080i
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/350cd/i7-1370PE/PCT/1080i
Medical Panel PC 23.8"/350cd/i7-1370PE/PCT/1080i
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/350cd/i5-1340PE/PCT/1080i
Medical Panel PC 17"/350cd/3955U
Medical Panel PC 21.5"/250cd/FHD/G3320TE
Medical Panel PC 18.5"/250cd/i5-7300U/PCT/WXGA
Medical Panel PC 18.5"/250cd/Cel. 3965U/PCT/WXGA
Medical Panel PC 24"/250cd/i5-6300U/PCT/FHD
Medical Panel PC 17"/350cd/i7-6600U

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