Panel mounting kits are indispensable components for the seamless integration of industrial PCs into operating panels or control boards. These special mounts embed the industrial PC securely and elegantly in the control panel. Panel mounting kits ensure reliable fixation of the PC while allowing easy access to interfaces and operating elements. The robust design ensures stable mounting and protection from external influences. These mounting kits provide an aesthetically pleasing solution that blends seamlessly with the overall design of the control panel, improving the efficiency and operability of industrial PCs in various applications.


Rack-Mount Kit for DM-150GS/PPC-5150
Rack-Mount Kit for FLEX-BX200
Rack-Mount Kit for PPC-FW15C/FLEX-PLKIT-FW15
Rack mount Nuvo-6000/8034/8003/8023/8041/8032/7000
19" Rack Mount Kit for DM-F15A, PPC-F15A/F15B
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Rail kit for 1U & 2U system
Rack-Mount Kit for PPC-FW19C/FLEX-PLKIT-FW19