Fieldbus expansion cards can be integrated into industrial PCs to establish connectivity with fieldbus networks. They are crucial for industrial automation applications as they support various fieldbus protocols, including PROFIBUS, Modbus, CANopen, and many others. By using fieldbus expansion cards, industrial PCs can communicate directly with sensors, actuators, and other devices in a production environment, enabling seamless integration and control.


PCI Card/UPCI/1S-FHHL/2xCAN2.0-i/Screw/0~60°C
PCI Card/UPCI/1S-FHHL/4xCAN2.0-i/Screw/0~60°C
Mini-PCIe Card/FS/2xCAN 2.0B v2/J1939/-40~85°C
Mini-PCIe Card/FS/2xCAN 2.0B v2/-40~85°C
PCIe Card/PEX1/1S-FHHL/2xCAN2.0-i/0~60°C
PCI Card/UPCI/1S-FHHL/4xCAN2.0-i/D-sub/0~60°C
PCI Card/UPCI/1S-FHHL/2xCAN2.0-i/D-sub/0~60°C
M.2-NGFF Card/2280/2x CAN2.0B