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ICP Deutschland offers under the brand IEI the new QGW series (QTS-GateWay) as cloud-based IPCs. The hardware of IEI and the software know-how of QNAP are successfully combined in the cloud-based IPC. IEI has been convincing for 20 years as the leading hardware manufacturer of industrial computers. QNAP, the market leader in NAS systems, complements the QGW series with a software package specifically designed for IIoT, consisting of a Linux-based QTS operating system, preinstalled software and standardized tools.

The results of this in-house teamwork are QTS-Gateways, which sustain the progressive digitization and networking of processes, machines and systems.
True to the motto IEI x QNAP, ICP offers its customers solutions for the IIoT and the age of industry 4.0.

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Your Advantages

The advantages of the cloud-based IPC are versatile:

  • No license fees for QTS and Linux
  • wide range of gateway solutions
  • standardized tools
  • easy software configuration

With the integrated QTS operating system functions like

  • Remote Device Management
  • Virtualization
  • Data security and Backup
  • Private and Public Cloud Management

are instantly implemented.

With this ICP gives system integrators and software providers an open and cost-effective platform, which is both standardized and flexible, so that a large number of customer-specific IIoT solutions can be realized in different application fields.

The choice of cloud-based IPC ranges from compact and powerful Embedded PCs to high-resolution Panel PCs. ICP supports the entire implementation process, project-based, with technical documentation and provides important know-how transfer.


Below you can find a selection of the most important standardized tools that you can use when developing your IIoT applications on our Cloud-based IPC.
These and many more are available on the App Store.

Container Station


The Container Station has been developed following the Just enough OS, or JeOS, philosophy. With this lightweight virtualization technology you can instantly and truly create a ready-to-use environment on IPCs and the cloud for your RD developers and IT administrators.

QIOT Suite light*

QIOT Suite light

Rapidly develop IoT in just 3 steps - the QIoT Suite Lite leverages popular tools such as Node-RED and Freeboard that help you creating an IoT environment easily. It supports multiple protocols (MQTT, HTTP and CoAP) and dashboards, and allows for the quick connection of development boards along with multiple sensors. (*From QTS V4.3)

Remote Management

Remote Monitoring-IOT

The QRM+ is a centralized remote server and PC management solution from QNAP, designed for IT teams. QRM+ monitors and controls the pulse/health of all the mission critical servers in your network. QRM+ provides a single point solution to discover, map, monitor and control all your critical devices (Servers/PCs/Thin Clients etc.).



The Q'center is a powerful management tool that is integrated in the QTS-Gateway. You can view the status and system information of multiple NAS and QGW-units at the same time from the Q'center Server. You only need to install the Q'center on a QGW IPC or NAS, and all their relevant system information can be easily checked on the Q'center server.

Virtualization station

Virtualization station-IOT

The virtualization station enables the creation and the use of virtual machines. The virtual machine can share the network interface with QGW IPCs by defining the network through the software, and use internal communication to achieve best data transmission speed. The network operation mode is designed using the SDN structural concept; it supports Intel® VT-d (Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O) allows you to connect (pass-through) external PCIe devices and RS-232 ports to the virtual machine

Linux Station

Linux Station

QNAP uses advanced virtualization technology to perfectly run both QTS and Linux operating systems in parallel. The Linux Station also allows you to freely switch between output resolutions and even enable the remote connection function so that the current outputted screen can be displayed through a browser at any time for remote controlling.

Surveillance Station

Surveillance Station

QNAP video surveillance center provides four free camera channels, and supports ONVIF and PSIA universal camera protocols, that are compatible with over 3,000 IP camera models of over 100 brands. It allows you to easily create an automated video surveillance system for your factory to protect property and personnel safety, and to create a working environment with no blind spots.

Data Center & Backup

Data Center & Backup

The centralized file storage and management - Hybrid Backup Sync is a comprehensive backup solution to efficiently manage storage space for all devices on the LAN network, across remote-site NAS units and cloud services. By checking the amount of free/used storage space you can achieve flexible utilization of storage space.

Brochure & Manual

SQTS-Gateway-Brochure    SQTS-Gateway-Manual

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Virtualization Station 01

Virtualization Station 02

Virtualization Station 03

Virtualization Station 04

Linux Station

Surveillance Station

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