Dienstleistungen im Industrie PC Bereich

Industrial PC hardware modification

Hardware modifications

Our extensive product portfolio enables us to flexibly meet the majority of customer requirements with standard products. At the same time, there is also a need for customer-specific solutions, which we make possible by hardware modification. This does not necessarily mean large projects; we also offer this service for small series.

This includes, for example, the adaptation of components such as Boards whose functional scope must either be reduced ("slimmed down"), expanded or replaced. Mechanical adaptations such as the removal or relocation of interfaces and the color and physical redesign of 19" and panel PC housings or embedded system housings. As an additional service we offer customer specific IP65 protected enclosures for our Panel PC and Monitor series.

For new developments, we work closely with our manufacturer in Taiwan and our local system partners, so that we can also offer you a tailor-made solution.

Industrial PC Bios modification

BIOS modification /software installation

BIOS modifications and software installations go hand in hand, but require specific know-how, which is not necessarily available in every company. ICP Germany has the necessary capacities and technical resources to carry out this service for you.

BIOS modifications such as version fixing, setting fixing or boot logo design can be implemented.

Version fixing means the administration of BIOS versions, early information about revision changes and the adaptation of customer-specific BIOS versions, which can be exactly specified in a customer-specific maintenance contract.

During setting fixation, all settings are made by means of prefabricated images, parameterization, e.g. performance parameters, energy saving functions, boot sequences, transfer to projects without deviations.

At the customer's request, we can design a uniform but individual boot logo. This can prove to be very valuable, especially with regard to larger project series.

Our software integration service focuses on the installation and configuration of operating system. These range as standard from Windows to Linux and embedded versions. The desired operating system is adapted and adjusted according to your requirements. As a Microsoft OEM partner, we have extensive licensing rights. Furthermore, it is also possible to install further software, e.g. the software tool Embedded Configuration Manager for Windows 10 IoT, which enables you to easily manage and configure advanced lockdown features ("embedded" functions) and embedded settings.

Do you also need a secure backup and/or recovery solution? With our recovery option/software of our cooperation partner WAXAR Data Saving System, your embedded systems and the software running on them can be backed up once, several times or indefinitely. You can choose from a wide range of additional functions, which we will be happy to discuss with you personally.

Industrial PC assembly


Our structured full or partial assembly service of industrial PCs such as embedded boards/PCs and panel PCs by experienced employees makes subsequent opening of the devices and assembly of components superfluous. Our assembly process is standardized and runs through several control levels, which minimizes possible error potential. Our ready-to-use systems are completely assembled and ready-to-use so that they can be used directly on the application.

The ready-to-use systems are individually tailored to the customer by taking application-specific requirements into account when selecting the components. For this it is only necessary that you provide us with detailed information on your application and the hardware used, e.g. fieldbus cards, measurement, control or other control expansion cards. We will make the final adjustments for you.

Possible compatibility problems of the components used are prevented by extensive and standardized tests according to our or customer specifications on the overall system. This enables early detection of error sources and cost savings on the customer side.

Both EMV-relevant aspects are taken into account and optimal framework conditions are created for the optimal air flow concept. Even impending revision changes are automatically taken into account so that smooth and accelerated integration is guaranteed.

Obsolescence Management

Although industrial PC products and components remain largely unaffected by regular discontinuations or technical changes, the manufacturer may make changes from time to time. Individual components on the boards are replaced or thermal solutions are improved or the latest standard is added to a proven product range to ensure long-term availability over many years. Our proactive obsolescence management informs you about technical changes, discontinuations and successors/alternatives up to 6 months in advance. In this context, we also support you in finding a suitable solution. By means of last buy bulk orders we can procure additional time of up to 1 year until the final revision change is due.

Logistics service

We offer you a comprehensive logistics service. On the one hand, this includes direct deliveries from the Reutlingen warehouse to the place of use of the products throughout Europe. This saves you time, the goods arrive safely and you don't have to worry about shipping. All you have to do is trigger an order and confirm the final receipt of goods at the place of use. You can do without an intermediate storage, a forwarding agency or insurance on your part. Between the time of delivery and goods receipt, you can track the goods via the online tracking system of our partners, additional information is communicated to you by means of shipment tracking.

Deadline delivery and stocking as well as storage are also part of our delivery concept. For stocking and storage, you conclude framework agreements with us that guarantee on-time delivery of certain lot sizes or total quantities. Keep your warehouse lean and receive the products when you need them.

For more information about our services, please contact our sales department at [email protected] or +49 7121 143 23 20