Services for Industrial PC
Industrial PC hardware modification

Hardware modifications

You need an individual adaptation of your hardware? On customer request, we customize boards and other components for you, produce enclosures in your desired color or put individual interfaces.

Industrial PC Bios modification

BIOS modification /software installation

BIOS modifications and software installation go hand in hand, but require specific know-how, which is not inevitable in every business.

Industrial PC assembly


Our structured full or partial assembly service of industrial PCs such as Embedded Boards/PCs and Panel PCs by experienced employees makes a later opening of the devices and assembly of components superfluous. Our ready-to-use systems are ready for use and can be used directly on the application.


The R2U systems are individually tailored to the customer by taking into account application-specific requirements in the selection of components.

Extensive Testing Procedures

Possible compatibility problems of the components used are prevented by extensive and standardized tests according to our or customer specifications on the overall system. This allows early identification of sources of error and cost savings on the customer side. Both EMC-relevant aspects are considered as well as optimal conditions for the optimal air-flow concept are created. Upcoming revisions are automatically taken into account, ensuring a smooth and accelerated integration.

For more information about our services, please contact our sales department at or +49 7121 143 23 20

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