You can operate up to 16 of our SD video capture cards in one computer system in parallel. In doing so, you can reach a maximum of 64 SD video channels in one system. Our SD video capture cards are especially suitable for applications for which no full HD resolution is necessary and for which different video sources have to be evaluated in parallel on one system. For our SD video capture cards it does not matter, whether received data is present in PAL, NTSC or SECAM. 


PCIe Video Capture Card, 8Ch./240FPS
Mini-PCIe Video/Audio Capture Card 4ch
PCI-104 Module Video Capture/4Ch
PC/104 Modul, 4 Ch. Video Capture, BNC
Video Capture Karte(120FPS) mit GPIO mod
PCIe Video Capture Card, 4Ch./120FPS
PCI Video Capture Card 4Ch./30FPS/GPIO
PCI Video Capture Card 4Ch./120FPS
PCI Video Capture Card 4Ch./30FPS

Additional information about Standard Definition (IVC)