The PPC-JWS panel PC series is our recent, RISC-based panel PC series with Android operating system

Rockchip RK3399
(Dual-core Cortex-A72 up to 1.8GHz
+ Quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 1.5GHz)
32 GB eMMC preinstalled
4 GB RAM preinstalled
Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
Wi-Fi + BT
Android 7.1

Our industrial PCs with RISC processors are delivered with license-free Android operating system. These are "Ready-to-Use" pre-configured and costs can be saved by the free software license.


Panel PC 10,1/WXGA/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 10,1/WXGA/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 12,1/WXGA85/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 8"/XGA/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 15/XGA/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 17,3/1080p/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 19/SXGA/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 7"/WSVGA/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 11,6/1080p/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT
Panel PC 21,5/1080p/A72/4GB/32GBeMMC/Android7/PCT

Additional information about RISC Based Panel PC (PPC-JWS)