ARM SYSTEM PANEL PC AND MONITORS in an aluminium housing with complete IP65 protection - available series: PPC-F-BT / PPC-F-H81 / DM-F in display sizes from 6” bis 24” - with arm system and internal wires - individual mounting with control buttons is available

Our arm mount panel PC and monitors are composed of our latest PPC-F and DM-F series and the matching aluminum housings of our cooperation partner ROLEC. Basically, our new arm mount solutions offer flexible support arm mounting, an all-around IP65 protected housing, internal cable routing and ergonomic operation.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


Arm Mount Panel PC 17"/350cd/J1900/2GB/Touch
Arm Mount Panel PC 19"/350cd/J1900/4G/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 15""/400cd/J1900/2GB/Touch
Arm Mount Panel PC 15"/400cd/J1900/2GB/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 17"/350cd/J1900/2GB/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 17"/350cd/Pent-G3220/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 24"/250cd/i3-4350T/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 21.5"/250cd/i3-4350T/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 15"/400cd/Pent-G3220/PCT
Arm Mount Panel PC 15"/400cd/Pent-G3220/Touch

Additional information about ARM Mount (PPC-F)