Tablet PC (ND/NB/NF)

Tablet PC (ND/NB/NF)

Our industrial tablet PCs are suitable for applications, for which mobility in industrial environments is paramount. Thanks to features like barcode, RFIDIF and NFC reader, they are ideal companions for daily work. Depending on the model, our tablet PCs offer special features like high resistance against shocks, IP protection and an extended temperature range or special certificates for medical application. To simplify the use of our tablet PCs, there is special security software, as well as the possibility to manage several devices centrally via a so-called Mobile Device Management (MDM) center.



State Datasheet Unit Price
NB32 Standard Login
ND51 G.2 Standard Login
NF21 - 7300U Standard Login
ND62 Standard Login
ND52 Standard Login
NF21+1D/2D Barcode Reader (ATO) Standard Login
NB31 G.2 Standard Login

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