Usually our embedded PC are conducted as barebone systems, which means they are already equipped with a CPU board, processor and memory, so that you only need minimal effort to start operation of the system. Gladly, we complete the barebone system to your specifications with mass storage (HDD, SSD, CF etc.) and operating system to a complete "Ready-to-use system". Of course, here we can respond to special customer wishes. Extended temperature range, fanless execution and compact design, as well as vibration resistance are just a few features of our embedded PC. Various interfaces, additional extension options like PCI, PCIe and Mini PCIe slots, as well as free software tools for system recovery and remote monitoring complement the equipment. We would be happy to help composing the right embedded PC for you. Send us an inquiry or contact our support directly.

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Ready-to-Use Embedded System - Green IT Version
Ready-to-Use Embedded System
Ready-to-Use Embedded System - Green IT Version
Ready-to-Use Embedded System - Green IT Version
Ready-to-Use Embedded System
Ready-to-Use Embedded System - Green IT Version

Additional information about Embedded PC

What requirements must embedded PCs meet?

You will find a large selection of embedded PCs designed to meet the requirements of industrial environments. These Industrial Box PCs differ according to their field of application.

If you attach importance to an extended temperature range, vibration damping and dust protection, or if you need many PCI slots, then you should take a look at our fanless Box PC series TANK. If compact dimensions play an important role, then our UIBX and ITG PCs are the right choice. Our DRPC series with OLED display is particularly suitable for DIN rail mounting. And our ECN and ECW Box PC series are universally applicable and therefore our most flexible embedded PCs. Our Cloud based Industrial PC series (QGW) provides all prerequisites for industrial IoT solutions.

Which CPU for Embedded PC?

All our industrial PCs are available with different processors. Depending on the model from Intel® Atom, Intel® Celeron, Intel® Pentium to Intel® Core I or mobile Core I processor. Different chip sets and CPU generations are available, from Intel Baytrail up to Intel Tiger Lake, Intel Elkhart Lake and Alder Lake. In addition to PCs with Intel® processors, we also offer Box PCs with AMD processors. Common interfaces like USB 2.0 / USB 3.0, Gigabit LAN, HDMI, LVDS, Display Port, RS-232/422/485 are standard for our embedded PCs.

Which interfaces do embedded PCs offer?

Typical interfaces include GPIO for signal processing, USB ports for connecting peripheral devices, Ethernet ports for network communication via LAN, serial interfaces such as UART, SPI and I2C for communication with other devices, PCI, Mini PCIe or M.2 slots, CAN bus interfaces for automotive applications, HDMI/DVI/VGA ports for display on external monitors, audio connections, memory slots for mass storage devices, and various power supply options such as DC inputs or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The selection of these interfaces depends on the specific requirements of the embedded application and enables integration into a wide variety of systems.

What are the mounting options for embedded PC?

Depending on the design, our industrial embedded PCs can be mounted with DIN rails, wall brackets or VESA brackets. On request Microsoft Windows and if necessary your own software can be pre-installed for you.

Which accessories for embedded PC?

Compatible displays in different inch sizes for industrial use can also be found in our webshop. These can be connected to our embedded computers via DVI, VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort interfaces. The use of a touch screen can be realized with all our embedded PC products via USB interface.

In addition, we offer optional accessories for our industrial embedded PCs, such as DIN rails or wall mounting kits, cables, power adapters, as well as PCI add-on cards. If desired, Microsoft Windows and ggbfs. your own desired software can be preinstalled for you.

Our support will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable embedded PC hardware, components or processors. In this way, you and your company can benefit from a customized embedded PC system that is precisely tailored to your area of application.

Embedded PC News

Current news about our embedded PC series as well as further information about industrial computers can be found in our news section. Here we present you weekly current embedded PCs and suitable accessories, like LAN cards or USB expansion kits.

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