The Pico-ITX form factor has been on the market since 2007. Pico-ITX motherboards are among the smallest industrial embedded boards with their dimensions of 100 x 72mm. Their surface area is only half that of Nano-ITX boards. Their compact design makes them ideal for use in miniature devices and for applications with limited space. Despite their small size, they offer excellent performance and common interfaces when equipped with the latest embedded chipsets.

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Pico-ITX SBC/N3060/Dual Mini HDMI/USB3.0/GbE
Pico-ITX SBC/N3160/Dual Mini HDMI/USB3.0/GbE
Pico-ITX SBC/N3710/Dual Mini HDMI/USB3.0/GbE
Pico-ITX SBC/NXP i.MX8M/2GbE/Raspberry Pi 40P GPIO
Pico-ITX SBC/NXP i.MX8M/GbE/Raspberry Pi 40P GPIO

Additional information about Pico ITX (HYPER)

Pico-ITX boards are very small and space-saving. They are designed to provide the performance of a desktop computer in a small form factor suitable for use in portable devices, embedded systems and generally space-constrained applications.

Although they are smaller than standard motherboards, Pico-ITX boards are typically very powerful and offer high computing performance. They have an embedded processor, RAM, storage and a variety of interfaces such as USB, Ethernet and HDMI, LVDS or IDP graphics output. Pico-ITX boards are very energy efficient, which makes them an ideal choice for use in battery-powered devices.

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