COM Express modules are based on the standardized Computer-on-Module (COM) technology and are usually mounted on a carrier board. The module itself contains the processor, RAM, graphics unit and other important components. These are connected via standardized connectors to the carrier board, which can then add further peripherals and interfaces.

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Storage for industrial PC


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COM Express Basic Type 6/J1900/USB3/VGA/LVDS
COM Express Type 7 Baseboard/ATX Size
COM Express Type 6 Baseboard/ATX Size
COM Express Basic Type 7/D-1508/10G DGbE/USB3
COM Express Compact Type 6/i3-6100U/USB3/VGA
COM Express Basic Type10/E3845/USB3/eDP
COM Express Compact Type 6/Cel. 3855U/USB3/VGA
COM Express Type 7 Baseboard/ATX Size
COM Express Basic Type10/E3825/USB3/eDP
COM Express Basic Type6 Atom 1.86GHz

Additional information about COM Express (ICE)

COM Express modules are offered in a variety of form factors to meet the needs of different applications. These form factors are standardized and defined by the PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group).

Since COM Express modules are based on standardized technologies, they can be easily integrated into different systems. This enables rapid development of embedded systems and quick adaptation to changing requirements. The technology also offers high reliability and robustness, making it particularly popular in demanding industrial environments.

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