Media Converter

Media Converter

We offer industrial media converter from ORIng. Whether it is from serial to serial, from USB to serial or from fiber-optic to Ethernet, all converters are placed in a robust metal case with redundant power supply. All of our media converters are equipped with the LFP technology (link fault pass-through) which is able to pass on connection errors to the end of the chain to alert the server about a defect. 



State Datasheet Unit Price
TM-7561 CR Standard Login
I-7520AR-CR Standard Login
I-7530A-G-CR Standard Login
IMC-121FB-SS-SC Standard Login
I-7561U-G CR Standard Login
I-7521D-CR Standard Login
I-2542-B CR Standard Login
IPMC-111PB++-60W Standard Login
IMC-B111ETB-TB (MOQ:100PCS) Standard Login
I-7550-B CR Standard Login

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