For measurement and automation technology, we offer PCI and PCIe add on cards, as well as Ethernet, USB, RS-232 und RS-485, WiFi und PAC I/O-Modules for the PC-based measurement data acquisition and controlling. Interface converter and autonomous automation controller complete our range. Whether you are using MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, CANopen, DeviceNet or profibus, our products support all of these products. Additionally, you receive diverse drivers to connect with familiar software packages as well as sample programs for the integration in own software solutions.


Ethernet I/O Module/4RY-REED/PoE/ST
Ethernet I/O Module/4DI-Isol./4RY-FORM-C/PoE/ST
Ethernet I/O Module/16DI/MB/ST
Ethernet I/O Module/16DI-Isol./16RY-REED/ST
Ethernet I/O Module/16RY-FORM-C/ST
Expansion Module/16DI-Isol./8RY-FORM-C/ST
Ethernet I/O Module/4DI/Isol./PoE/ST
Ethernet I/O Module/32DIO-TTL/50PIN
Ethernet I/O Module/16DI-Isol./16DO/ST

Additional information about Automation Technology

Automation technology plays an important role in many industries to make processes more efficient and error-free. As a leading supplier in this field, we offer a wide range of products and solutions to help you automate your processes.

Our product range includes robust measuring instruments, advanced control systems and high-quality sensors. All our products are tailored to the requirements of industry and offer the highest reliability and performance.

With our measurement and automation solutions, you can make processes more efficient, minimize errors and increase productivity. Our experienced team is always available to help you choose the right solutions for your business.

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