We primarily offer processors from Intel®. Whether you need the newest Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 or you are looking for older Pentium®, Celeron® und Core2Duo™ processors, we have them all. If you cannot find your desired processor, please contact us. We will immediately check availability for you. 



State Datasheet Unit Price
CPU/INTEL/S-1150/i7-4770S/3.1GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S-1156/i5-660/3.33GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S1150/i5-4590/3.3G Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S-1151/Celeron G3930TE/2.7GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S1151/Pentium Gold G5400/3.7GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S1151/Core i7-8700/3.2GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S-1150/i7-4770TE/2.3GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S-1155/i5-3550S/3.0GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S1151/Core i3-8100T/3.1GHz Standard Login
CPU/INTEL/S1155/Pentium G850/2.9G Standard Login

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